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    騰訊ISUX:2019 - 2020 設計趨勢 · 圖形篇

    為了和大家分享關于設計趨勢的見解,ISUX研究了2019-2020的設計趨勢。沒有必要去遵循年度設計趨勢報告,但是否意識到這一趨勢,對設計師來講卻非常重要。首先,我們總結了平面設計的總體趨勢,同時也研究了從Zepeto app 和 Memoji開始的,最近擴展出來的IP形象設計和角色設計趨勢。

    ISUX has done a trend research to share insights on 2019-2020 design trends. It is not necessary to follow the annual design trend report, but it is important whether the designer is aware of the trend. First, we summarized the overall graphic design trends and then went through the recent expansion of the character market. Also, we have researched the avatar design trends started from the Zepeto app and Memoji and analyzed the UX trend for the last.


    In this article, we would like to share ‘Graphic Design Trends’, the first part of the ISUX design trend report. ‘Graphic Design Trends’ shows the recent branding and motion graphic cases and summarizes 12 notable trends in overall graphic design.


    Typography is constantly an important element in design and is used as a method of delivering strong brand messages. Since last year, a lot of brands applied bold san-serif fonts or used strong typography on their designs which has made this become a part of graphic design trend. In addition, there are a lot of typography designs applying motions and can also find three-dimensionally moving typography designs reflecting 3D trends.

    Kinetic Typography Poster 


    @Andrei Robu


    This is a moving poster design with a kinetic typography concept. Beyond simply placing image and text, three dimensionally moving text over a fixed image conveys a new impression. These graphics are mainly shared through SNS in forms of short looping video.

    Uber Brand Identity  




    Uber developed san-serif brand fonts along with logo redesign and applied them throughout the brand system. Uber's moving posters designed with their brand font strongly deliver Uber’s brand messages.

    Squarespace Brand Identity 


    @Dia studio

    Dia studio常將動態文字應?于品牌項?,“Squarespace”是其代表作品之一。

    Dia studio often applies kinetic typography to their branding projects. Squarespace branding project is one of their representative portfolio.

    Design Market by FAD Campaign Brand Visual Graphic 


    @Practica Studio


    A typography design case which contains event information applied in 3D form as if it were a gift wrapping. A looping gif was applied as a main graphic of the design system.

    Nike Women Korea Campaign Advertisement 


    @Wieden & Kennedy Tokyo


    The Nike Women's advertising campaign in which Korean celebrities appear to support the subjective life of women, also applied bold gothic for their font. This font which is designed by Design Studio Guteform, basically has an extended form and also has a system that extends to a wider format to match with the proportion of the media. Dynamic and intense typography delivers messages of the campaign and interacts with other design elements which maximizes the graphic effect.

    App Icon Design



    Recently, a lot of mobile apps apply colorful gradients on their icon design.

    Eurosport - Pyeong Chang Olympic 2018 Brand Identity 




    Eurosport's 2018 Pyeong Chang olympic broadcast also applied strong color gradient to all the application designs including logos, graphics and photography. Especially, the contrast of fluorescent graphic and the dark background emphasis the atmosphere of winter sports.

    Basketball Forever Brand Identity 

    Basketball Forever品牌識別



    This is a rebranding project of NBA news broadcasting company which reflects the latest trends like using colorful gradients and bold typography. They applied a system which various graphic outputs can be produced by applying various colors, fonts and layouts.

    The Coming One Brand Identity 


    @Plus X


    A branding for Tencent Video and Wajijiwa’s idol audition program ‘Mingri Zhi Zi’, expressing the talents of the participants with colorful gradients in different forms of circles. The graphic motifs change with participants as the program goes on.


    Recently, asymmetric layout which only shows a part of the entire image has been applied a lot compared to the past when it was often designed based on the fixed grid system. Although each application seems to show only a part of the entire image, designers can apply the graphics to each applications that extend infinitely in a large system. By applying asymmetric layout, designer can have more freedom about applying the graphics elements which can convey a strong impression.

    Graphic Poster Designs 


    @Vasjen Katro

    設計了各種各樣圖形的Vasjen Katro,不斷嘗試的形狀,顏?和布局也反映了最新的趨勢,特別是不對稱和開放式布局。

    Graphic designer Vaszen Katro keep tries experiments with shapes, colors and layouts reflecting recent trends. Especially, there are many graphic outputs using asymmetrical and open layouts which are recent trends.

    Easy Peasy Brand Identity 

    Easy Peasy品牌識別


    Easy Peasy是韓國著名化妝品公司Amore推出的獨立化妝品品牌,以品牌關鍵詞輕松、活躍、有趣和大膽為基礎,嘗試給用戶更加簡單和親切的感覺。品牌用看似自由的手繪波浪線貫穿于整個圖形設計,打造不對稱之美,展現了自由和親近的形象。

    Korea's leading cosmetics company(Amore)’s independent cosmetic brand 'easy peasy' tried to make this color cosmetics brand feel easier and more familiar based on their brand keywords easy, active, fun, bold and chat. In particular, the curves that seem to be drawn freely by hand applied throughout the branding system make all the graphics asymmetrical and express free and friendly brand image.


    A moving logo that has been already a trend for years and now there are some branding cases that applies interactive elements. Rather than applying a strong and powerful fixed logo, flexible and easy brand communication method has became a trend by using interactive logo which responds and changes regarding to the contents.

    Glow International Light Art Festival Brand Identity




    It is an example of identity that can expand the shape into various graphics and patterns using a simple square as a basic unit. The basic graphic elements are maintained simple, maximizing the effect of interactive image.

    SM Entertainment Brand Identity




    SM Entertainment, one of Korea's largest entertainment agencies has developed a new brand identity that can reflect their expanding business. It is a flexible identity which basic circle changes it’s shape continuously making forms like connected S and M. The flexible symbol and the circular pattern of various colors are the core of SM Entertainment’s visual identity system.

    59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival Brand Identity

    第59 屆塞薩洛尼基國際電影節品牌識別

    @Beetroot Design


    This is an interesting branding case of a movie festival, designed with the images of film reel tangled instead of using a formal logo. It is a complex tangled film form which is not fixed, reflecting various colors and images in a complex way expressing various stories and emotions that movies can share to people which is the main purpose of the festival.

    The 6th Guangzhou Triennial Exhibition Brand Identity


    @Another Design


    The basic rectangle unit conveying the core message of the exhibition is repeatedly copied in to three dimensional space which expresses the identity of the exhibition. This identity system has applied in interactive and modified forms throughout the exhibition, which has also been applied to various applications in different shapes.


    3D trend has been so popular that graphic trends can not be discussed without it. Nowadays there are many attempts to show more vivid and fresh impression by applying sophisticated texture to 3D images. People are defining a new realism by adding a realistic texture to the geometric 3D forms which creates graphics that can not exist in reality.

    3D Illustrations


    @George Stoyanov

    George Stoyanov通過組合各種幾何形態來表達形狀之美。這種視覺嘗試很有意思,因為它很難在現實中制作。

    George Stoyanov expressed the beauty of shape by compositing various geometric forms. This kind of visual attempts are interesting because it is difficult to make in reality.

    Adobe Think Tank Brand Visual Graphics

    Adobe Think Tank 視覺圖形

    @Omar aqil design

    這張圖像由不同形狀、紋理和顏色的幾何物體設計而成,表達了Adobe Think Tank包含各種主題論壇的品牌特征。

    This image was designed with geometric objects of different shapes, textures and colors expressing the identity of Adobe Think Tank which is a forum containing various topics.

    The Hyundai - ‘Super Consumers’ Brand Video

    The Hyundai ‘Super Consumers’品牌視頻

    @Universal everything


    By applying various materials and colors on the form of walking people, this advertisement conveys an unrealistic and fresh impression.

    NIKE - PG3 ‘Get Cozy’ Advertisement




    The main copy “cozy” feeling is applied as soft fur material which give a new impression. This unrealistic graphics in a realistic texture gives a fresh feeling.


    Using organic shapes is not a new trend that also can be found a lot recently on various graphics. It is sometimes used as a graphic motifs of brand identity, but also applied to short motion graphic videos or designed in 3D forms. This organic shape with strong colors or gradients conveys a sophisticated and dreamy atmosphere.

    3D Videos with Organic Shapes




    Organic forms are often applied in 3D, and this trend is widely applied in short video works shared on SNS. Especially for this year, there are many cases which transparent texture is applied to 3D organism form. This transparent material reflects the surrounding color and creates a mysterious atmosphere by applying various colors.

    Peacock Society 2018 Brand Identity

    Peacock Society 2018 品牌識別



    By applying bright and colorful gradient to organic shapes, this graphics express the identity of electronic music festivals in Paris.

    各式各樣的平面插畫曾經退出過潮流,但現在已經成為一種強烈的設計趨勢。很多品牌都通過聘請知名插畫家的方式,用平面插畫給大眾新的印象。去年以來,除了2D, 3D角色插畫也成為一種趨勢被應用到越來越多的品牌設計當中。

    Illustrations once had been backed up in trend by various graphics using photographs but now became a strong design trend. Lot of brands are trying to use graphics that can give a new impression to their brands by hiring famous illustrators. In addition to 2D illustrations, 3D character illustrations have become a trend since last year and more cases are being used for branding.

    Uber Brand Illustration

    Uber 品牌插畫

    @Leo Natsume


    The illustration style applied in Uber’s new identity are the fun elements in the concisely organized brand system.

    Spotify - ‘Music is with you’ Illustration 




    It is a brand video of Spotify using 2D illustration applying hand-drawn texture, simple color and big limbs which are the recent illustration trends. 

    Belif Brand Illustration




    This is an example of 2D pattern design based on 3D character which is applied on package design and to the brand video.


    Isometric is a method to draw 2D graphics in to three dimension which has been a trend widely applied in graphics and motion videos recently. A lot of designers use this technique to give a new impression by showing the whole graphic in one frame, creating a playful and unique atmosphere. It seems that isometric will be also popular this year as last year.

    Isometric Illustrations


    @Mohamed Samir

    經常使?等距技術和彩?漸變的插畫家Mohamed Samir設計了一系列富有趣味性的?報。

    The illustrator Mohamed Samir who often uses isometric techniques and colorful gradients designed a series of interesting posters.

    Isometric Videos


    @Matthieu BRACCINI   @Panic Studio


    The isometric method can give an impression that objects become like a miniature. Recently, a lot of cases can be seen which have made the screen more special and interesting using this isometric technique.


    Combining various type of graphics from different media was a common way to have an interesting effect from the past. Recently, there are lots of graphic cases that gives fresh impression by combining bold colors, realistic photographs or 3D images. Realistic images or videos combined with flat elements are considered to be one of the major trends of 2019-2020.

    3D Videos + 2D Graphics


    @Sergio Fuego  @giantantstagram


    When 2D and 3D images are combined, three dimensional effect can be more prominent and special. These videos are good cases using this method.

    Live Action Videos + 2D Illustrations




    This campaign video of Converse is a good design reference which contains the mixture of live action videos and 2D graphics.

    Live Action Videos + Glowing Scribble Animations


    @blottermedia  @jamiethraves


    By adding glowing scribble animations to live-action videos, the videos can be more dynamic and interesting. Recently, more videos of dancers and singers in SNS platform apply this kind of effect.

    2D Illustration Style Videos using 3D


    @phellaz  @blublustudios


    There are a lot of work that is hard to know whether it is 2D or 3D. These videos can convey a new feeling by expressing the motion of the object in three dimensions rather than simply using 2D graphics. 

    當通過SNS共享圖形圖像變得非常普遍時,短小和重復的動態圖形也變得很易見。logo,2D插畫, 3D圖像和各種各樣的圖形都以短循環動畫的形式共享。

    As sharing graphics and images through SNS has become very common, short and repetitive motion graphics can be easily seen. A brand logo, illustration and various graphics are all shared in a short looping animation form.

    Short 2D Animations




    These short videos convey unique and fun image by repeatedly applying short actions to a simple and flat illustrations.

    Short 3D Videos




    As 3D become a main trend, short and repetitive images using 3D are also noticeable. Adding the real texture and 3D effects can convey unique atmosphere.

    AR 和VR技術的發展,對平面和多媒體的設計趨勢產生了很大的影響。這些新技術使人們對品牌有更加立體的體驗。

    The development of AR/VR technology had a great impact on graphic and multimedia design trends. Recently, these new technologies lead people to have three dimensional brand experience.

    Le Graphisme Augmente Graphic Poster

    Le Graphisme Augmente 圖形海報

    @Laura Normand

    盡管是印刷?報,它也允許人們通過印刷材料使?3D AR技術獲得交互式體驗。印刷海報只包含簡單的幾何圖形和極小的信息,但當你通過手機查看時,將看到獲得更多的信息和看到立體的形狀。

    Even though it is printed on a paper, this poster allows people to have interactive experience using 3D AR technology. The poster only contains simple geometric graphics and minimal information, but when it is seen through mobile, people can get more information and see three dimensional shapes.

    Apple Music x Memoji Advertisement

    Apple Music x Memoji 廣告


    Apple使用基于AR技術的memoji來推廣Apple music。著名藝術家如Ariana Grande推出了他們的最新歌曲,通過這支廣告,Apple一起宣傳了Apple Music和memoji。

    Apple used the memoji to advertise Apple music which is based on AR technology. The famous artists such as Ariana Grande promoted their latest songs, while Apple had advertised Apple Music and memoji together through this ad.

    NIKE - Shanghai Never Done Shop Campaign Website

    Nike:上海Never Done運動店鋪網站



    This is a Shanghai Nike’s 360 degree online retail shop project through VR technology that allows you to purchase and experience services based on the amount of sweat that you made through exercise.

    Audi Quattro Coaster Advertisement

    奧迪Quattro Coaster廣告



    It is Audi’s project that use AR technology to bring the car to its own place and allow the consumers to actively experience driving the car.

    League of Legends - World Championship 2018 Opening Ceremony


    @League of Legends

    2018年英雄聯盟的開幕舞臺利用AR技術,使演唱POP / Stars的真人歌手和游戲里K / DA角色一起同臺演出。這些被實時跟蹤的角色,在實際舞臺上帶來了真實的表演效果。

    The real singers who sang POP/Stars on the opening stage of the League of Legends 2018 and the characters of K/DA had stage together using AR technology. The characters were tracked in real time and gave the effect of performing on the actual stage.


    New retro, which interprets retro in a modern sense, has became a new trend. New retro is a word that combines ‘New’ and ‘Retro’, a modern interpretation of nostalgia for the past. It has become a new trend not only in design but also in various fields such as fashion, architecture and pop culture.

    Retro Style Videos


    @dennybusyet  @thekidzzzzz


    Retro graphics and videos that reinterpret video games and Hollywood movies that were popular in the 80s and 90s became popular again.

    Fritz Coffee Company Brand Identity

    Fritz Co?ee Company品牌識別

    @Jo In Hyuk

    韓國著名咖啡品牌,Firtz Coffee創造了獨一無二的,具有復古logo和圖形的品牌標識。

    As well known cafe branding case in Korea, Firtz Coffee created a unique brand identity with retro logo and graphics.



    A trend does not flow in one direction but can extend to various ways as we see how latest design trend reflects technologies such as 3D and AR/VR but also contains the retro style. I hope that these various graphic design trends will be applied in a new way, so that creative and interesting design outputs can be created.


    Thanks for your reading and it comes to the end of Graphic Trends. IP Character Design Trends are coming soon…